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  1. Ivan

    This was my first interaction with lawyers in my lifetime, and I was very anxious about the whole thing. I was involved in a vehicle accident with an SUV that clearly the guilty party was looking at his phone while I was sitting at the green light in traffic.

    Charles and Jaime made the entire process so seamless and easy for me it was unbelievable. Their courtesy and professionalism completely eliminated my fears and made everything super easy. Mr. Grile took on this case and really went above and beyond! Jaime, which is Charles paralegal took great care of the hurdles and details along the way, and made sure to check in with status updates for the duration of the settlement.

    I couldn’t have imagined a more painless version of this process, and I’m so glad I was recommended thru a good friend of mine to handle this case. Thanks again Charles and Jaime!!!

  2. Ken Russell

    I cannot say enough about the legal efficiency, kindness, and compassion of this legal team. How many attorney’s would give money to a young woman to help her through a tough time? Well, Mr. Grile did, and I cannot thank him enough for the kindness he showed my daughter before I arrived. Jaime and Amber were great, and wonderfully kind as well. May God Bless this whole legal team.

  3. Mr. Smith

    To Start, I cannot say enough about this firm and Mr. Grile. They came to my rescue during an extremely difficult time. Mr. Grile believed in me and fought for me tooth and nail putting himself on the line against a very unethical opponent and a very impartial judge. I came in as a referral from a family friend, who was a Judge, and whom had seen Mr. Grile argue one case in front of him and was so impressed he knew that Chuck would handle my case just as he himself would. This was after another local “Big Name” Savannah attorney took a very large retainer from me and essentially disappeared for 6 months leaving my trust broken and my custody situation substantially worsening. Mr. Grile took charge, and although it took time due to the damage done from his predecessor, turned the situation around so that the facts were laid out and the truth exposed. I consider Jamie and Mr. Grile part of my family now and can absolutely trust them to handle matters as I would myself!

  4. Chris Mathis

    Mr. Grile and Jaime were so great! I’ve never been treated so friendly right off the bat. Especially being in the military at the time and being stationed across the coast they helped me through my custody proceedings with such professionalism. They worked with me and helped me with everything through the process over the phone and helped with scheduling appointments that worked with my military training. Even to this day they check in to see how things are and remain friends.

  5. J. Kirkley

    Great attorney. He will literally stand beside you all the way through your case. He will not throw you to the wolves like I’ve seen other lawyers do to their clients.
    -J. Kirkley

  6. C. Womble

    Mr. Grile has always and continues to provide exceptional service for me and anyone I refer to his office. I will always highly recommend Mr. Grile and his Paralegal Jaime Cole’s services to anyone needing legal help or advice. They put their heart and soul in to any and every case they take on. – Crystal Womble

  7. M.Dean

    ​” I am truly pleased with the time and effort Mr. Grile and his staff spent on my case. I could not be happier with the outcome. He and his staff were a delight to deal with. Thank you very much for your support, and I will not hesitate to call on you guys again!” – Matt Dean

  8. Katy

    “Charles C. Grile’s experience is evident through his knowledge of the laws. He was genuinely concerend with seeking answers and proving unlawful behaviors. He prepared me and educated me so I was more comfortable in an unnerving situation. There are not any selfish incentive, he strictly wants to see through what’s right. I recommend him to anyone seeking a professional and knowledgeable attorney who gains from what is in your best interest as the law sees it.”
    – Katy

  9. Dr.Smith

    “Mr. Grile was wonderful, easy to contact, attentive, and very easy to talk to. He helped us out with an ugly situation that lasted about 3 years but has finally been resolved. He definitely fought for us! 🙂 ” – Dr. Smith

  10. J. Smith

    “My introduction to Charles Grile was approximately 16 years ago. I was attempting to help a young teenager who was being abused by her father. She was a friend of my son’s. I went to the phone book and called Mr. Grile for advice. On his advice, I picked this runaway child up from a bad location and took her to his office. He represented this ‘little girl’ in Juvenile Court and obtained a very favorable judgement for her in minimal time. That favorable judgement was that I was given custody of this child while her parents were ordered to anger management and AA. What struck me most was Mr. Grile’s genuine care and concern for this child and his willingness to help her. At some point, his work on her behalf, became pro bono because of that care.
    More recently, in December of 2012, I found myself, again, in need of legal assistance for someone dear to me. I didn’t think twice. I picked up the phone and called Mr. Grile’s office. Jaime, his office manager, answered. He was not in but I explained my situation and she made me a quick appointment. I was so pleased to find that Mr. Grile had not changed one bit in over 15 years for his care and compassion, for children.
    Over the past 2 months, I’ve been overwhelmed by Jaime’s care and compassion also. She answers the phone everytime it rings. She answers my emails long after quitting time. She listens to me complain and she gets mad with whoever I’m mad with so I have a great sounding board. It is no suprise to me that she is that quality person, working with Chuck Grille.
    This case should be resolved next week. Based on the current status, I’m very optimistic. Regardless, I know that we’ve had legal assistance from someone who truly cared and spared no effort to help us.”
    – J. Smith

  11. J. Neidlinger

    “When I was faced with the reality of “divorce action” I needed an attorney who would reflect my interests as well as my minor child’s. From among the names suggested by friends, Mr Charles C. Grile was retained as my lawyer. The span of Mr. Grile’s services included an initial temporary support order, divorce jury trial, and five contempt of Court Orders. During this timeframe Mr. Grile was , in summary, professional. By “professional” I mean honest, trustworthy, frank in our discussions and extremely successful in the verdicts rendered by the court. If you need an attorney, I urge you to seek the advice of Charles C. Grile.”
    – Julia M. Neidlinger

  12. W. Shaw

    “Mr. Grile was about the 7th or 8th attorney I approached with my case. My first attorney is now disbarred. I bought into an apartment complex , received a Warranty Deed for 20 % ownership, it was sold and I received nothing. I was not consultated about this, just ignored. With Mr. Griles assistance I received a 6 FIGURE SETTLEMENT! I WAS IMPRESSED!”
    – W. Shaw

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