Family Law

Family law is a specialized area of law that governs the legal relationships between families – such as spouses, parents, children, and other members of the family. Family Law


The stressful nature of going through a divorce can have major impact on someone’s life, especially when children are involved. At Law Office of Charles C. Grile we are here to guide you, with the highest level of integrity, experience and compassion necessary to get through this process. Divorces

Personal Injuries

As expeditiously as possible, we get your property damage claim resolved, that is possible, at no cost to you for our services. And, as soon as you are released from all physicians as a result of injuries, we will make demand for settlement. Before that, would be premature, and not in your best interest. If settlement is not attainable, we litigate. I am a trial attorney, not a face on television.

Criminal Defense

I have experience as a prosecutor, and then as a defense attorney. I try the cases that must be tried, and I advocate for the best resolution for my client in every other case, no matter how big or small. My experience is from traffic tickets to capital murder, and every other type of crime in between the two.
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